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Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating damaged parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints.

When the body is balanced and efficient, just like a well tuned engine, it will function with the minimum of wear and tear, leaving more energy for living

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic Practitioners focus on the body's skeleton and joint function along with the underlying muscles, soft tissue and nerves.


Why see an Osteopath?

The body has an amazing capacity to adapt to everyday stresses and strains. When these are exceeded subtle changes may occur in the body's mechanics.

osteopathy and pregnancy

Osteopathy and Pregnancy

The body has to adapt to carrying up to 10kg of baby, waters and placenta, which can impose physical strain on all the organs and tissues.


Appointment duration and cost:

Initial appointments are 60 minutes long. All follow up appointments are 30 minutes long. 60 minute follow up appointments are available on request. A 60 minute follow up appointment is double the cost of a 30 minute follow up appointment.